Daniel DaVinchy made his music debut with the instrumental single titled Solar in April 2019.  Since then, his songs have achieved over five million streams on Spotify. Several of his tracks have been placed in playlists around the world alongside other songs by legendary musicians. While he does enjoy releasing instrumental music, Daniels main focus is vocal music.  Daniel records vocal songs blending pop, metalcore, numetal and hard rock as well as other genres and will be releasing vocal music in the next year. In addition to this, Daniel is also a producer for other artists and even works as a session guitarist for some of the biggest stars in all kinds of genres such as pop, hip hop and R&B. DaVinchy music, the production and publishing company Daniel founded, hires highly skilled producers and talent agents based in Atlanta to help discover artists and help artists take their songs to the next level with all aspects of production and songwriting. Daniel has been writing, recording, and performing around metro Atlanta as a solo artist and as the leader of the band DaVinchy for over eight years.  His incredibly fast, unique, and melodic guitar style and experienced songwriting display that he is an artist on the rise to keep an eye on.